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#MindfulMondays with Shudufhadzo

Miss South Africa 2020 Shudufhadzo Musida launched her online mental health initiative #mindfulmondays during February 2021.

Shudufhadzo will speak to various experts on a diverse range of topics related to the subject of #mentalhealth .

#MindfulMondays with Shudufhadzo – Episode 1: Mental Health 101

The first episode of #mindfulmondays with Shudufhadzo Musida and Clinical psychologist, Zamo Mbele was filmed on the 8 February 2020. the discussion was centred around mental health.

#MindfulMondays with Shudufhadzo - Episode 2: Teen Depression

It is Teen Suicide Prevention week from 14 – 21 February. This week Shudufhadzo Musida will unpack Teenage Depression and what can be done to prevent it from going that far.  Dr Elzette Fritz, an expert in the field of Educational Psychology sat down to discuss this crucial topic. 

#MindfulMondays with Shudufhadzo - Episode 3: Mental Health & LGBTQI+ Youth

Shudufhadzo Musida unpacks Mental Health & the LGBTQI+ Youth with Founder of the Feather Awards Tami Kotlolo and Educational Psychologist, Malan van der Walt

#MindfulMondays with Shudufhadzo - Episode 4: Anxiety, Panic & Stress

In Episode 4 of #mindfulmondays Miss SA, Shudufhadzo Musida unpacks Anxiety, Panic & Stress with Dr Colinda Linde, a Clinical psychologist.

#MindfulMondays with Shudufhadzo - Episode 5: Depression

Episode 5 of #mindfulmondays and we have Clinical psychologist Charity Mkone in conversation with me about depression.

#MindfulMondays with Shudufhadzo - Episode 6: Anxiety

Our Minds are a powerhouse and we need to equip ourselves with the necessary tools to ensure this builds us and doesn’t destroy us. Join our Queen @shudufhadzomusia every Monday on #MindfulMonday​ as she discusses various topics with experts in the field concerning mental health

#MindfulMondays with Shudufhadzo - Episode 7: Trauma & PTSD

It’s #mindfulmondays and we’re talking about Trauma and PTSD with Reabetsoe Buys.

#MindfulMonday Episode 10 - Mental Health Discrimination & Stigma in the Workplace

Watch Shudufhadzo Musida on this week's #MindfulMonday as she discusses Mental Health Discrimination & Stigma in the Workplace with Nkateko Ndala - Magoro, a Counselling Psychologist Join our Queen Shudufhadzo Musida every #MindfulMonday as she discusses various topics with experts in the field concerning mental health awareness. 

#MindfulMonday Episode 11 - Bullying & Mental Health

Shudu discusses Bullying & Mental Health with Cayley Jorgensen, a registered Counsellor and the Co-founder of FaceUp South Africa and Dean McCoubrey, founder of My Social Life.

#MindfulMonday Episode 12 - Gender Based Violence

Shudu discusses Gender Based Violence with Mara Glennie, founder of the Tears Foundation and Nomangwane Mrwetyana, chairperson of the Uyinene Mrewetyana Foundation